Python for Biologists


This is the index page for everything to do with the Python for Biologists course – a free introductory programming course for biologists, suitable for complete beginners. You can scroll down to start reading the course content right away as a set of web pages. You can also get the course as a free ebook in PDF format – enter your email address to get a copy of the ebook and exercises (and occasional notifications when the book is updated).

If you prefer reading a real book, you can buy a copy of Python for Biologists here. There’s also a German translation of the material here.

Comments, questions, and suggestions for the course are all very welcome – you can leave comments on each page from the list below, or email me at

Table of contents

Introduction and environment

Printing and manipulating text

Reading and writing files

Lists and loops

Writing functions

Conditional tests

Regular expressions


Files, programs and user input

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