Python for biologists training courses

I regularly teach instructor-led training courses, mostly in Python and with an emphasis on practical problem-solving.

“The course was really well pitched for someone with very little informatics background … learning from a biologist is so much better than learning from an informatics person, because you already know what we do and don’t know and understand, and all the examples used situations which we could intuitively grasp straight away. Thank you very much for an excellent week which will change the way I work from now on.” -Ellen, King’s College London

My courses

I normally teach four different courses. Click through to the relevant page to view detailed course contents, and the dates and locations where I'm teaching:

If you've never done any programming before, or have a little bit of experience but in a different language, then you probably want to look at the Introduction to Python for biologists.

If you know the basics of Python and want to learn about tools for building more complex programs and for developing software, take a look at the Advanced course.

If your interest is primarily in working with and visualising large datasets, take a look at the Data manipulation and visualisation course.

If you want to learn how to carry out automated, large-scale bioinformatics analyses with Linux, check out the Introduction to Linux course.

If you're not sure which course is right for you, drop me an email at and we'll figure it out.

Arranging a course

If you'd like me to come and run a course for your organisation (a university, institute, lab or company) just drop me an email. I specialise in teaching people with a non-computer-science background, and am particularly interested in scientific programming and data science.